Brave the bully

Brave the Bully Program

Safe and Effective Methods

To Handle Bullies


Bullying   has two key components:

1.   Repeated harmful acts
2. �� An Imbalance of power

At Sento Mixed Martial Arts Academy, we teach safe, effective methods of dealing with bullies without having to resort to violence. Children learn to use their words properly and carry themselves in a way that makes them less likely to be targeted.

When kids learn our self-protection techniques, they become more confident and are less likely to become victims of bullying. Students are taught to use common sense before physical self-defense.  However, students can be confident that they will have the means to protect themselves if it is unavoidable.

Our instructors are available to bring the Brave the Bully Program to local schools, Boys and Girl Scouts meetings, and other community organizations.
Please call to learn more: 413-426-9500