Elite Tactical Programs

Bring the iCAT Founders to your training facility!

A progressive and complete tactical training program for Military and Law Enforcement!

Special discounted fees and rates are available for groups of twelve and more for instructor certification.
Elite Tactical 1/2 Day (with both Walt & Rich) – 3 Hour Seminar Fee + Travel & Lodging
Elite Tactical Full Day (with both Walt & Rich Ryan) – 6 Hour Seminar Fee + Travel & Lodging
Plus Travel and Lodging (for both instructors)
Must provide a 25% non-refundable deposit no later than 30 days prior to any scheduled seminar, certification, or appearance
Elite Tactical Defense Training™
Tactical Defense Training™ (TDT), a sub-system of Richard Ryan’s Dynamic Combat™. Over the last two decades it has been taught to numerous S.W.A.T. and special operations teams worldwide and is in use by every law enforcement agency in the state of Arizona. Now, TDT has joining forces with renowned law enforcement and military trainer Walt Lysak integrating aspects of his acclaimed LSM – Lysak’s Sento Method Tactical Systems™ into a new and improved curriculum. The result is Elite TDT – practical reality-based integrated force tactics that are both easy to learn and apply in the real world. Elite TDT is now one of the world’s most effective integrated force combat training systems.

Elite TDT Programs:

  • Basic Officer Survival – Street DT
  • Advanced suspect control, escort and arrest
  • Surviving Sudden Death Encounters
  • Edged Weapons Awareness and Survival Tactics
  • Advanced Weapon Retention Concepts and Training
  • Multiple Suspect Control and Survival Training
  • Advanced Impact Weapons Concepts and Training
  • Alternative Force Options and Arrest Tactics
  • Integrated Force Training Options
  • Advanced S.W.A.T. Tactical Training
  • Undercover Officer Survival Tactics
  • Advanced Entry Tactics for LE and Military
  • Mental Training for Officer Survival

NOTE: All programs can also be custom designed for your organizations or agency needs – Ask us how.

Now you can have not one, but two of the best tactical trainers in the world at the same time!

Bring Elite TDT to your school, academy or organization!

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