Golden Eagle’s

Martial Arts for Kids Ages 5-7

Our GOLDEN EAGLE Martial Arts for kids Program is a great way for children ages 5-7 to get introduced to the Martial Arts. Focus, concentration, listening, respect and courtesy are stressed in order to develop a child’s basic learning skills. The exercise and physical fundamentals are challenging and a great way for kids to gain flexibility, balance and strength. We understand the importance of fun and variety to maintain high interest and participation.

Turn off the TV and Turn on the Martial Arts

Parents, how would you like your child to be in tune with something more constructive than the latest cartoon or video game?

Recent studies have shown that children spend too much time glued to the tube. It’s time to Turn off the TV and Turn on the Martial Arts!

Our expert instructors are perfect role models for children. Our classes are fun and every lesson develops important life skills such as:

• Confidence

• Respect

• Focus • Self control

• Courage

• Discipline

Allow us to show you, first hand, how empowering the martial arts can be for your child with our no-risk introductory program. So hide the remote and find the phone! Call 413-426-9500

Beginner Classes are now forming!

If you are looking for a karate school, kung fu school, Tae Kwon Do school, or a Judo school for your kids, come in and see the difference Sento MMA Academy offers!