Self Defense Total Immersion Program

This program will teach you the essentials of personal protection.
This program is purposely designed to be appropriated to the individuals needs. This program requires no experience to participate in. You will learn skills that will increase your confidence and totally enhance your understanding of real self defense. Contrary to popular belief, martial arts and self defense do not always go hand and hand. A person being a black belt does not make them an expert in real world personal protection.

This program is easy to learn, easy to reproduce, gross motor and effective!

You learn about;
Proper Mind set
Self Defense and Street Strategy
Self Defense Principles
Basics of Legal / moral use of force
Confrontation management skills: Verbal de-escalation, fight prevention, etc…
6 Laws of Self Defense
10 Rules of Street Survival
Physiological effects of stress in a real fight
Fear management skills
Fundamental postures and skills
Unarmed and Armed Self Defense Skills
How to continue to develop your skills (with or without a regular instructor)

You can join in at any session, and then just work in on the next rotation for the session or sessions you missed. All students who complete at least 4 of the 5 session will receive a graduation certificate.

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At Sento Mixed Martial Arts Academy
1452 Memorial Avenue
West Springfield, Ma 01089