Testimonials from the Best

“My Name is Frank Shamrock the Ultimate Fighting Champion, if you want to learn reality combat and reality fighting in the real world and on the street… Walt Lysak’s the best”
Frank Shamrock:  5 Time Ultimate Fighting Champion,  Former King of Pancrase, Former Strikeforce Champion

“Lysak’s Sento Method is a No Nonsense Method. I do Recommend it for Self Defense in today’s times”
Maurice Smith: Two time “Ultimate Fighting Champion” Two time “Extreme Fighting Champion” W.K.A. World Kickboxing Champion World Muay Thai Champion


“Walt Lysak and I have trained together, and his skills are for Real!”
Joe Lewis:  10th Degree Black Belt / Grandmaster, World Kickboxing Champion, Voted Greatest Fighter of All Time Twice on three continents

“Walt, your one of the “Best”, May the Lord be a light to your feet.”
Robert Bussey: World reknowned Practical Self Protection Expert, R.B.W.I. founder, Founder of “Bussey Combatives”, American Pioneer in the Art of Ninjutsu, Dubbed by the martial arts media as “The King of Combat”

“Walt, your instruction and the Sento fighting system are by far the most comprehensive and progressive methods for dealing with Real world scenarios… I know firsthand that your training has improved my Warrior skills. Over the years I have been exposed to several different forms of armed and unarmed combative styles. There is no question that your Sento fighting system provides your students with the most realistic fighting tactics and skills to survive and WIN on the modern battlefield. Walt a sincere thanks from the U.S. Army Green Berets. You truly capture the essence of the “Quiet Professional.” Respectfully,
Master Sergeant Michael M. Cutone: US Army Special Forces “The Green Beret’s”


“Walt, you’re one of the few people on the planet who truly understands Self Defense”
Tony Blauer: Founder of Blauer Tactical, Chu Fen Do ™ & “PANIC ATTACK” ™ , Inventor of “HIGHGEAR” ™ Impact Reduction Equipment, and the S.P.E.A.R. System, International trainer to top Law Enforcement and Elite Military Units

“On the street there is no time to play around, set up submissions or plan intricate locks. In Israel we have learned from experience that anyone can find themselves battling a terrorist. In the past few months we have had three such cases in Jerusalem where ordinary passerby’s struggled with terrorists and overcame them. Their quick actions prevented many deaths. These life and death encounters often lead to ground fighting. The techniques taught by Walt Lysak Jr. are perfectly suited to these situations; as such we incorporate many of them in our IKI Krav Maga. They fit in with our philosophy that techniques must be easy to learn, easy to apply, and easy to remember. For real life, for the streets of Israel, I find these techniques of the utmost importance.”
Moshe Katz: 4th Dan Krav Maga / MMA, (certified by Itay Gil), Taught Elite Security Guards in Jerusalem, Over Twenty Years of Martial Arts Experience, Background in Kyokushin Karate (Oyama), Judo, and Jujitsu

“Walt Lysak’s self-defense system is street smart, effective, and to the point. I highly recommend it to those who seek the knowledge of a realistic approach to self-defense.”
Michael De Pasquale Jr.: Dai Shihan Yoshitsune Jiu Jitsu, 10th Degree Black Belt / Grandmaster, Editor / Publisher of Karate International Magazine


“These are without a doubt the most realistic grappling tapes on the market today. Forget the rest… Lysak’s are the best.” (Regarding Lysak’s Reality Ground Fighting System)

Richard Ryan: Founder of Dynamic Combat™, Contributing Editor for Black Belt Magazine, World renowned reality self-defense expert

”Since training at Lysak’s I have used the skills I’ve learned numerous times in street encounters which have even included those involving guns and knives. I am a survivor today because of the Sento method of reality based training.”
David J. Sinopoli: Major: Regional SWAT team member, Defensive tactics instructor, Narcotics officer for local Drug Task Force, Tactical Response Team Leader for jail and house of correction, Cell extraction / move team leader

“I can’t imagine any other video could take grappling farther than Walt Lysak’s does…. so, if you want something that goes beyond any of the other videos you’ve seen, Get Walt’s stuff!”
Steve Neklia: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Champion, World renowned Grappling Expert, Columnist – Karate/KungFu Illustrated™, “Grappler’s Corner, Black Belt magazine ™

“Walt Lysak’s Grappling Videos and what he teaches, is just phenomenal… I highly recommend and endorse it!”
Matt Furey: Two time N.C.A.A. Wrestling Champion, World Shuai Chaio Champion

“I have no hesitation recommending Walt Lysak or His excellent “Sento Method” to anyone interested in the reality of Physical Confrontation.”
Wayne Comyn: Chief Defensive Tactics Instructor of the Australian Federal Police


“Walt Lysak is the complete package as a martial arts instructor. I have known him for over ten years and he can do it all”. (1-31-95)
James Rosenbach: 10th Degree Black Belt / Grandmaster, R.W.T.B. founder, R.B.W.I. Premier Status under founder Robert Bussey, Ninjutsu Master, HapKido Master, Tae Kwon Do Master


“As a professional, I seek out the very best for my own personal instruction. Walt’s depth of knowledge, body of work, and character are unsurpassed in my experience. He is my MA coach of choice.”
Mike Gross Professional knife and tomahawk thrower, 5 time National IKTHOF Champion, NE-AKTA National “Grand Champion”, 2012 IKTHOF “Impalement Artist of the year World Champion”, 4 time Inductee International Knife Throwers Hall of Fame, Certified Master Thrown Weapons Instructor, Founder and Chief Instructor “OSM Knife and Tomahawk Throwers Academy”.